27 July, 2008

Summer Vacation

Sorry dear ones,

We're on summer break for a few more days.
Please use this time to relax and de-stress. Life is hard, we know. But don't think for a minute Keamy's Paradise won't do what it takes to keep a lost fan's chin up during the off season. We'll be back soon with post cards and presents from our many travels...and SPOILER ALERT:::: we've got some new movies in the works.

So keep on keamin' on my friends!!!


K's P


Capcom said...

Have a good one!

Yukari said...

Have a good vacation!! and come soon to bring us more keamys xD!!

Anonymous said...

Come back soon! I love this site. Keamy is dead sexy awesome!

KS said...

Have fun on your vacation!
KP helps to brighten my day ;)
I'm glad to know i'm not the only Keamy fan in the world.